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The right plan for your Auto, Home, and Life Insurance Needs.

Umbrella Insurance is not required.

However it’s commonly purchased by people who:

  • Own property

  •  Have significant savings or other assets

  •  Are worried about liability claims against them when they travel outside the U.S. 

  •  Own things that can lead to injury lawsuits such as pools, trampolines and dogs  (check with us to make sure your breed is covered)

  •  Engage in activities that increase your chances of being sued, such as: 

    •  Being a landlord

    •  Coaching kids’ sports

    •  Serving on the board of a nonprofit. 

    •  Volunteering. 

    •  Regularly posting reviews of products and businesses. 

    •  Participating in sports where you could easily injure others (skiing, surfing, hunting, etc.).

Our friendly agents work with you to help you choose the right Auto, Home and Life Insurance Policies. Trovato Associates provides you with thorough coverage and advice. The shopping experience has never been easier. We search over 50 different insurance companies top find you the best rates & coverage.

We can't wait to hear from you! Call us today and let us help you find what you're looking for.

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