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The most common questions about Life Insurance Coverages.

Life Insurance Coverage FAQs

If I apply am I bound to paying for the policy?

Will the price change?

No! you have 30 day from once the Insurance Company offers you a policy to accept. ( This is called the Free Look Period.)

The price that you are quoted is subject to change based on health and underwriting guidelines. While we aim to provide the most accurate price upfront its always best to apply and let the insurance company make you an offer. You can always refuse or chose other options.

Can I increase the amount of insurance after the policy is issued?

When does my coverage start?

Sometimes Based on the amount of coverage you are applying for certain medical exams are required. if you decide you want more than desired you may have to complete additional underwriting and or medical exams.

Once you complete the telephone interview and as long is submit electronic payment the insurance company will provide you temporary insurance coverage while in the underwriting process.  

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